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Security Awareness Training Platform

It's time to make cyber security part of your culture. 

Quit spending your valuable time creating, deploying, and managing training campaigns, just to do it again next month.


Experience the Ivoryware difference which delivers SHORT security lessons based on CURRENT security threats. The best part; enroll your users and LET US do the rest! 

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Unlimited Phishing Tests

Use our phishing simulator to test your users as much as you like with just a few clicks!

Full Branding

Lift user engagement with full company branding across the platform.

Plug and Play Training

Our pre-built programs remove the need to create campaigns.

Dark Web Monitoring 

Our behavioral-based reports show which users are abusing business credentials. 

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"I don't need training, I already know

this stuff"


This simulation allows technically proficient team members to demonstrate they represent a minimal social engineering risk to their organization.

If successful, you may choose to exclude them from training and phishing exercises for 12 months.

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We offer discounts for 3-year contracts and organizations in education, not for profit, and government industries! 

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A pre-built program of training lessons focused on educating all end-users on basic security awareness concepts.

Create, deploy, and track unlimited phishing test simulations with just a few clicks.

Ready to cut down on support tickets? Our TEXT-based support gives all your users a unique ability to get quick and straightforward answers directly from our engineers.

Want to use your current LMS or Microsoft login credentials? We can do that!

Don’t have a security policy handbook? We do! Use our customizable templates to get your handbook started.

Add some security reminders to the office or cubicle with our awareness posters!

A pre-built program of training lessons focused on educating end-users with access to critical data or sensitive information on advanced security awareness concepts.

Access to our compliance-focused security awareness lessons. 


HIPAA, PCI-DSS, Sarbanes Oxley, and more! 

Personalize the URL which your users will access the platform with. ie:


Access to our role-based security awareness lessons. 

Human Resources, Sales and Marketing, Financial Reps, and much more!

A pre-built course that auto-updates monthly with a short lesson covering current phishing attack types and other security intelligence.

Our behavioral-based sensors regularly scan for evidence of your user’s email addresses and passwords in several TOR-based criminal databases. Our goal is to identify human behaviors that represent a threat to your organization.

Lift user engagement with full company branding across the platform.

How will our platform lower your phishing attack risk? ‎👇


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