Ivoryware Vs. Knowbe4

At Ivoryware we will never follow the business norm of pretending that our competition is worlds below us, or, even worse, that we have no competitors. In contrast, we leverage a realization of and respect for our competitor’s strengths to fuel our number 1 core value: a growth mindset.

While we fully admit that the above table comes from a place of Ivoryware bias, we truly believe in our value propositions for our clients, even in comparison to our largest competitor.

Explanation of Ivoryware advantages:

Short-monthly lessons based on real-time threats

Ivoryware’s Monthly Security Reinforcement Course auto-updates with a short lesson based on real-time phishing and other social engineering attacks. This satisfies two very important security objectives.

Keeping security awareness top of mind all year, as opposed to being forgotten two months later, as well as keeps your team up to date on recent attack types, not just general concepts. Oh, and this course is absolutely 0 work to manage for the security leader!

Behavioral-based dark-web monitoring

Our behavioral-based dark-web monitoring engineers regularly scan for evidence of your user’s email addresses and passwords found openly on the dark web. In most cases, we can attribute these findings to a specific event such as a past organizational data breach or even a phishing attack.

If a finding comes from human behavior that represents a threat to your organization, as determined by our engineers, our reporting will highlight these records and make suggestions for remediation.

Full client branding of SaaS Platform

End-user engagement SHOULD BE the cyber awareness training industry’s number one priority with R&D efforts. To drastically increase user acceptance and eagerness to participate in new security training objectives, the Ivoryware training platform can be fully customized, including site colors, logos, and sub-domain across the whole site.

This shows that the training program is championed by senior management, which in many cases, is more than enough for end-users to do the same.

Security Policies Handbook Template(s)

If you are similar to the majority of small and medium-size businesses around the world, you might not have a basic security policy handbook. The good news is, we do! Use our customizable templates to get your handbook started.

Content is 100% created in-house

Ivoryware’s entire course catalog is created 100% in-house by our security engineers paired with a security media specialist. This quality assurance strategy ensures the short lessons your users engage with are packed full of necessary security information paired with excellent and accurate animation development.

In contrast to the other guys, our content is NEVER outlined and then passed to a creative firm for cheap and quick development, or just plucked from a central pool of outdated and cheap videos which several companies share…

Less management required and more affordable

Ivoryware champions a cam-paignless training program model, and yes, that is a play on words, but the value is not! Traditional training campaigns require individual management to strategize, create, deploy and then track. Which, next month, you will have to do all over again!

Ivoryware’s training programs auto-update based on end-users roles and access to critical data, to ensure two things. Users are taking training specific to their job duties, as well as are kept up to date with attacker phishing templates and other delivery strategies.

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