How are You Monitoring Your Identity and Credit Score?

Cyber security is imperative in the workplace, however empowering your employees to stay cyber safe at home is important as well. Ivory Intel preaches the importance of making cyber security part of the culture, and home life should be an extension of your culture. Team members who take security into consideration in their personal lives are more inclined to keep it top of mind in the workplace.

What’s the most common fear in our personal cyber lives? Identity theft. Consumers of all kinds, both IT friendly and not so computer focused understand the consequences of identity theft and are generally open to the idea of how to protect themselves.

There’s a lot of interesting services on the market for consumers to “monitor” their credit and dark web presences, however most of these services border line on unnecessary paid services, and prey upon our fear of what we don’t understand. When choosing a credit monitoring service, make sure the organization is free of charge and reputable. Services like make money off the ads and opportunities to apply for financing options, but the credit monitoring service is free, secure, and doesn’t hurt your credit. A fine and fair tool for use in our personal lives.

In addition, a formal document outlining your detailed credit report can be obtained annually free of charge through . All three reporting agencies, Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian will provide a free report once a year.

Be careful to watch out for common ads that claim to provide a similar service but charge an unnecessary fee. An example of these websites is shown below.

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