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Ready to make cyber security awareness part of your company culture?

It's time for a new way to approach security training...

- Full platform custom branding for your organization
- Solution for highly technical staff
- No training campaigns to manage
- Behavioral based dark-web monitoring
- Full security policies handbook template
- Real time modern threat training 

Solution for:

Empower your technical staff to demonstrate they are a minimal phishing risk!

Licenses included with platform purchase.

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Test-Out Simulator

" I don't need training, I already know

this stuff "


Training campaigns 

 are a 


in the


So we don't use them!

We are your security awareness experts. 

Lean on us to deploy new lessons to your users!
Just a few solution features!
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Real-Time Threat Training

Short security reinforcement lessons delivered monthly based on current threats, not just general concepts

Behavioral-Based Dark Web Monitoring

Business email exposure monitoring for all employees enrolled in training

Full Custom Branding

Lift user engagement with your company branding across the platform.

Security Policy Handbook

Don’t have a security policy handbook? We do! Use our customizable templates to get your handbook started.

Plug and Play

Upload your roster, we take care of the rest. No training campaigns to create, deploy or manage, just to do it all again next month... 


Training Quality Assurance

Ivoryware’s entire course catalog is created 100% in-house by our security engineers paired with a security media specialist.


This quality assurance strategy ensures the short lessons your users engage with are packed full of necessary security information paired with excellent and accurate animation development.


How will our platform lower your phishing attack risk? ‎👇

Deploy and Enjoy

In-House Created Content

Can your users spot a phishing attack? Let's find out.

Partner with us!

We are a channel direct vendor, meaning that our partners our kept top of mind with all business practices and platform development.

Oh, and we don't poach your clients... We find it funny that it needs to be said.

Ivoryware's platform is very little work to manage, however, adds tremendous value to our tech stack. We are more confident in our ability to protect our clients now.

-STL based Managed Service Provider

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