Cyber Awareness Training Platform

It's time to make cyber security part of your culture. 

Risks & Attacks Our Training Helps Prevent

Lessons Users Can Expect To Learn

  • Email-Based Phishing Attacks

  • Phone-Based Phishing Attacks

  • Wire-Fraud

  • Physical Security-Based Attacks

  • Travel & Public Wi-Fi Attacks

  • Web-Browsing Based Attacks

  • Intellectual Property Theft & Mishandling

  • Social Engineering Attack Indicators

  • Safe Web Browsing

  • Handling Sensitive Information

  • Password Hygiene

  • Proper Social Media Usage

  • Best Security Practices While Traveling

  • Importance of Security Policies & Procedures

And Much More!

Looking for more information or ready for a quote?

We offer discounts for 3-year contracts and organizations in education, not for profit, and government industries! 

Ask for a 3-year discount quote!

In-House Created Content

Our content is unique and custom-built by our specialists and security engineers. We do not repackage third-party content into our platform.

Plug & Play Platform

Twice the value with minimal management. You give us the roster; we take care of the rest, freeing up your time for other security objectives.

Make Cyber Security Part of Your Culture

Using short and current security reinforcement lessons delivered monthly, we enable your users to keep cybersecurity top of min all throughout the year.

Have Our Engineers Test Your Users

Family Security Awareness is Important

Our Engineers use the same techniques cybercriminals use to compromise your users. Let us identify your vulnerable employees before someone who means harm does.

Getting users invested in personal cybersecurity is a great way to reinforce a professional security mindset.

From 5 users to 5,000 users, our cybersecurity awareness training platform is designed to be affordable by organizations of all sizes and diversities. 

Our platform utilizes modern engagement strategies such as storytelling, practical examples, humor, and personal security examples such as social media security fails to ensure engagement and thus, comprehension. 

Educate your users on how to spot indicators of critical security concerns such as ransomware, wire fraud, phishing, and IP theft.


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