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Cyber Security Awareness Program Assessment and Consulting

Creating a program that fosters behavioral change for lasting impact with employee engagement and buy-in that does not create a negative outlook on culture is challenging.

Build a new program with me.

Your program should greatly reduce security alerts in the following domains: 

Data Loss Prevention

Sensitive emails to third parties without encryption, emails to personal accounts, and data uploads to unauthorized web apps are complex behaviors to change.  

Endpoint Incident Response

Malware delivered via social engineering attacks are high in volume, which is costly and when undetected represents a critical risk.

BEC and IAM Incident Response

Account takeovers by credential compromise risk data exposure, reputation damage, and extortion which lead to press releases.

Bring me on to assess, build, or contribute to your program.

Behavioral Change for Lasting Impact

My programs go far beyond dispersing articles on internal messaging systems. Build foundational elements which promote secure behaviors and hold repeat offenders accountable. 

Security Policy Evaluation

You cannot expect staff to exhibit or enforce secure behaviors if they don't know what their expectations are. 

Tailored Solutions for Your Enterprise

Every program should show employees that top leadership sponsors and monitors human risk. This is never achievable in a one size fits all solution.

Remedial Action Support

Remedial training and action can be difficult to execute and even more challenging to host. Outsource the burden to someone confident in delivery and conflict resolution.

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