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Test-Out Simulator

Give technical employees the ability to prove they are a "minimum social engineering risk."

Are you tired of this question?

"Why do I need to take security training? I already know all of this stuff."



CMSER-Certified Minimum Social Engineering Risk

Ivoryware's Certified Minimum Social Engineering Risk Certification indicates a complete understanding of current email-based phishing attack indicators and delivery tactics, as well as other social engineering methods.

Badge earning candidates may be allowed to
opt-out of security awareness training for a 12-36 month period, as approved by organizational security stakeholders. 

How to earn it: 

Company Platform Licenses

1 attempt per user per year is allotted to organizations that utilize Ivoryware's Security Awareness Training Platform.

Individual Purchase

You may purchase an individual attempt good for twelve (12) months (365 days). Payment is required before you can attempt the simulator. You will forfeit your payment if you do not take attempt the simulation during your 12-month eligibility period. 

Individual Cost = US $115.00

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